Lets face it girls, We love to shop. It is an event for us. Some of us are shopaholics. It may be in different forms, but we all like to spend money.

Each female buyer has her own particulars and you might not like all forms of shopping, but we all like some forms of shopping. We spend time looking at home decor catalogs.

Some women like shopping centers, some like thrift stores or garage sales. Some of us like the online shopping mall. I’m not big on grocery shopping, but I do like shopping for others and most of all for my self. We like to do it in groups or with a friend.

I never get tired of shopping for myself. And when I do it I don’t think that I’m being selfish. Just the opposite. I feel like I deserve it. Now I’m not one of those people who has a shopping problem and can’t stop, but there is always a need for something. You just have to know when you can buy for yourself or if the greater need is for the household.

Either way you are still shopping and you can have just as much fun shopping for sheets or new shoes for your kids as you would buying beauty products or clothes for your self. We also like shopping for the family pet.

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