Just like your skin, your hair will become dry in the sun and your scalp will burn if you do not have any protection on it, so it is very important to keep your hair just as well hydrated.

The best way to keep your entire body hydrated is by drinking plenty of water. When you’re out and about in hot weather you tend to sweat more which means that any water content and moisture on the hair and the skin evaporates due to the UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

Dry air and humidity is also another cause of hair dehydrating so putting the water back into your body will stop you from becoming dehydrated.

After swimming in the pool or the sea (its a good tip to wet hair before the pool as it reduces the effect the chlorine has), shampooing your hair twice will remove any build-up and residue on your hair and this will protect coloured hair from damage and discolouration.

Summer breezes have the same effect as hairdryers so replenishing the hair’s moisture with long lasting leave-in conditioners will stop your hair from drying out.

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