In any hobby, I guess sometimes there’s always a high point and low point. Sometimes you feel so motivated to go ahead with all the power, sometimes at days, everything seems so slow and low morale. Especially when you see there so many more miniatures to paint. But if you think of it on the positive side, it looks so amazing when it is all completed.

There are few ways usually I push and motivate myself in this hobby. The trick to this war gaming and miniature painting hobby is that it revolves around the cycle of modeling, painting and gaming. The cycle goes round and round to stay motivated.

If you have a few games, after that you are all drive to paint more miniatures and explore different army list possibilities. For me, I do have games once a while, all depending on myself and my gaming buddies timing and commitment. Before and after the games, my mind is always thinking about the strategy of the game and how to improve the army list. It also leads to quick thinking is it possible to quickly assemble or paint up this or another new unit, so that it can shine in the coming battle. Sometimes, in games, we always joke that, wa, this unit is not painted, that’s why it lost the fight.

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